Welcome to Wreckcenter, the only build-to-budget custom gaming PC service. We aim to provide the best solution for researching, designing, building, and testing custom gaming PCs for any budget.

Everyone knows it's cheaper to build your own computer instead of buying one from a store, but how many people have the time to spend hours researching the best price-to-performance ratio of the countless components in your typical PC? Like hotrods and custom choppers, even if you're an enthusiast, sometimes it's best to let the experts do the hard work and just enjoy the finished product.

Wreckcenter are the experts. For a low flat fee, we can build you the best custom gaming PC for your dollar at a fraction of the cost of the big box stores and online retailers. No hidden costs or fees. Absolutely everything is laid out in an itemized list, cost per part, so you know exactly what you are getting.

There is an endless selection of computer products to choose from. Some are worth the money, some aren't, and we'll help you make the right decision. Contact us to find out how!